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This is really killing me inside

I don't like this one bit.
The feeling I get way too often
This just bizarre
Life effecting
Life changing
It's just crazy how things or people would go so far
I've work way too hard and was building a rep, trying to work on my future.
Then this come into play.
After all the things I been through and survived.
All these trials and tribulations I keep going through
And all the wrong ones I end up meeting and or being with.

A neverending story of BS.
And even when I go through hell or go through minor issues with people. I still go and do my job and a lot of times I stay and help.
I don't bother even bother with most. Though I try and have a good time doing my job or just focus on getting it done and just go home and enjoy the rest of my time off.
I lack the time to even bother with most.
It's just crazy how someone can effect your life so great and can easily ruin it all.
Stalk me and try to manipluiate me into being with you..while acting as if I'm harassing when you piss me off and I have something to say. To mess with my pschye and have me ready to go mad isn't exactly kosher. I was being civil and patient for awhile. But it continue..
It just seems like I'm going to continue to suffer and suffer in this life time.